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Global scale frozen food supplier.

Tamaco constantly strives to ensure that every product we bring to market meets the highest quality standards.

This means that all products are guaranteed to meet the most stringent standards, both in terms of production processes and the delivery of the final product.

Tamaco has a long history in the market and uses this experience to offer the best in fresh and frozen pork, beef and chicken meats. The company doesn't abdicate on ethics, strict quality certification and food safety throughout the chain, from end to end.

We have branches throughout the world, including:
Copenhagen in Denmark, Sofia in Bulgaria, Rome in Italy and Blumenau in Brazil.

Tamaco's business model allows the development and marketing of a wide range of frozen products for industry and retail, with exclusive characteristics, recognized quality and competitive prices.

The company's work has been expanding through partnerships that share the same premise of innovation and professionalism, as well as the passion for developing frozen products with guaranteed quality.
In this way, Tamaco continues to build long-term relationships with suppliers and customers who share the same vision.

Tamaco's frozen products are made with fresh and selected ingredients, obtained from the best producers. The company works with suppliers who share the same core values of quality, responsibility and sustainability.

Customers know that when buying a product from Tamaco, they are getting something that has been handled carefully at every step of production.
For that reason, the company prides itself on its commitment to excellence.

The best experience with frozen products

Working with efficiency in the production of frozen foods through continuously improved processes for 56 years.


Global scale frozen food supplier.