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Lourdes Guererro

tlf: +34 93 47 00 040

Jesper Sarto
Managing Director


tlf: +34 93 47 00 040

mobil: +34 60 78 32 717

At Tamaco, the quality of the meat is as important as the quality of the service. Thus, when there is a mention for "meat", it always refer to the best in this category, whether in flavor, texture or health benefits. The company bases its business on the needs and wants of consumers, but understands that these needs are dynamic and always changing. In this way, the search for evolution is constant. For this reason, Tamaco dedicates a team of specialists to ensure that each product meets the high expectations of the consumer market, and that is how they make a difference in people's lives.

Tamaco Barcelona was founded in 1996, and since

then, it has been offering prime beef, calf meat and veal

to the market with a guarantee of superior quality.

Today, the Barcelona branch supplies beef cuts to

South America, the United States and throughout

The unit also distributes processed meats using the

safest and most advanced technologies, ensuring a

high quality food portfolio for supermarkets, wholesalers

and restaurants.

Since 1985, Tamaco has been a reference in

the welfare and management of animals with

selected genetics, using the best socio-

environmental practices in Barcelona's

production chains.


Provenance in special cuts