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Karina Nygaard
Sales Administration


Rasmus V. Christensen
Sales coordinator


Lene Stein Laursen
Sales coordinator


Heidie Ruge Foersom
Project coordinator


Gert Secher
Sales team manager

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Randi Kok
Managing Director

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Karsten Deiberg Kristensen



Therefore, they are responsible for contacting and choosing suppliers,

monitoring the slaughter and routine handling of animals – so that the

company's sustainable premises are always met. The effort is ongoing

to provide the best quality organic products while maintaining high

levels of animal welfare.

We sell to retailers, butchers, wholesalers and food processing

industries across Europe.

Tamaco is proud to offer organic pork and beef, as it

prioritizes a sustainable way of producing food. To do

this, it carefully chooses its suppliers, ensuring that they

meet high quality standards. The aim is to create a

sustainable future for all parties involved: from the

farmer to the customer. Tamaco wants consumers to feel

confident, buying food from companies whose values

align with its own.

Tamaco A/S strives to bring sustainable

solutions to the food sector that combine

technical expertise with innovation, as it is not

just about how products are made, it's also

about how they pass on from Tamaco's hands

to the market.


Reference in sustainable processes