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Claus Hansen
Managing Director

tlf.: +4529647021

Lise Beich
Nordic sales coordinator

tlf.: 87362006

Tamaco works hard to develop innovative products that are delicious and

nutritious, as this is what allows us to offer an eclectic range of food to our customers. But the company goes far beyond the traditional within the ecosystem where it operates.

With a partnership-oriented approach, Tamaco becomes a bridge between manufacturers and retailers. In addition, it provides strong logistical solutions, taking responsibility for the entire value chain, from the first contact with manufacturers to the availability of products at points of sale. Through a work marked by a close collaboration, it also helps in the development of packages that meet the preferences and needs of today's consumers.

Tamaco Foods' mission is to ensure that you always

enjoy tasty products, as the company believes that good food

should be available to everyone.
Through collaborative work with suppliers, Tamaco delivers

products developed under strict quality guidelines to the

market. Currently, the food is all over Europe including the

Mediterranean region. The product range includes: fresh,

frozen and ready-to-eat desserts.

A new experience in frozen foods

Food produced with noble ingredients through

recipes that combine flavors, textures and

aromas to meet the taste of the most

demanding consumers.

Quality and excellence in preparing from farme

to table!


Practical and tasty products