Commitment and excellence:

these are the premises of our partnerships!

Tamaco drives the development and commercialization of new business

areas within meat and other products of animal origin.

Tamaco Group

Tamaco Holding

Tamaco Group is a Holding formed by 6

companies, which share the same

strategic vision based on development

and continuous evolution. The other

branches are located in Copenhagen,

Kiel and Barcelona.

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Leadership and Purpose

Karsten Deibjerg, fundador e CEO da

companhia, prima pela confiança

gerada através da dedicação e muito

trabalho. A credibilidade conquistada

pelo grupo nasceu dos bons

resultados entregues!

Tamaco A/S

Tamaco is a dynamic company, focused on

innovation, quality and service. The company's

main objective is to ensure that customers

receive exactly what they need when it comes

to food, offering healthy, tasty and high quality


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We are experts in the
concept of sustainable food

We work with farmers who are committed to

sustainable practices, as we believe

that smart production respects the environment

and is essential to our future as a company.

Tamaco International

Tamaco International is a dynamic export

company, selling both frozen and fresh food

worldwide, with our main markets being Asia,

the EU and Eastern Europe.

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Specialist Team

We are a team of professionals with extensive

experience, working together with customers

to find the most appropriate solutions for their

product needs, at fully competitive prices.

Tamaco Foods

We focus on developing and producing

foods that meet our customer's needs. We

believe the best way to do this is to focus

on the chain of value of each product – how

it is made, commecialized and sold.

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We are dedicated to
good food.

Our partners, both suppliers and

customers, know that they can count

on us. We are facilitators between

manufacturers and retailers, bringing

unique concepts about food

production and distribution.

Tamaco Barcelona

Tamaco Barcelona is a meat distribution

and sales company that has been in the

business for over thirty years. We are

committed to providing our customers

with excellent service and high quality products.

We believe that this commitment will allow

us to achieve our objective of maintaining

ourselves as one of the most important

companies in the sector.

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Special Cuts

When it comes to deliver special cuts of

high quality, we know how to do it well. We

have been in this business for a long time

and it is in our history the concept of

delivering products that meet the most

demanding needs of our customers.

Tamaco Kiel

Tamaco Kiel is a supplier of premium meats,
both fresh and frozen. We offer cuts of pork,
beef and chicken, as well as poultry by-products.
This branch is a reference in food safety.

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Our line of products aims to
provide the best of organic

We believe that food must be safe and healthy,

and that it must come from sources whose

practices are sustainable and respect the

environment. That's why all our products are of

European, South American or New Zealand

origin - and all come from certified companies

with high quality standards.

Company Information:

Tamaco Holding A/S
Brunagervej 1, 8361 Hasselager,
Telefon: +4587362000
E-mail: info@tamaco.dk
CVR nr.: 73045215
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