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At Tamaco Group, we know that our success is

inextricably linked to the success of our partners.

Therefore, it is important that we are able to offer

them the best.

Our employees are all highly qualified and talented,

and we go to great lengths to attract and further

develop them. It is through a strong team that we are

able to serve the market, providing products and

services with a high level of quality.

Tamaco works tirelessly to create an environment

where people feel valued and appreciated because

we know this will lead to the best results for everyone


At Tamaco, we are committed to create better food for

everyone. We do this with a team of experts in the field

of food production.

Tamaco Internacional specializes in selling meat to

emerging markets. Tamaco Kiel specializes in pork for

the German market, and Tamaco Barcelona focuses on

high quality beef for the Spanish market.

Tamaco A/S was founded with a vision to create

healthier, tastier and more sustainable pork products.

The company has grown to become an international

supplier of organic and conventional meat products.

Tamaco Foods is a company that develops and

manufactures healthy and delicious food products,

focusing on practicality, innovation and sustainability.

Organic Pork is a company specialized in the production

of organic pork for the domestic market, but also exports

its products to countries such as Germany.


Tamaco was born in 1964 and its management has

always been familiar, with a focus on high quality

products and services since the beginning. The

expansion of the business happened almost

naturally, with employees and partners who share the

same vision of delivering excellence at all stages of

the chain.

However, the third generation of the family continues

to lead the management, being the main shareholder

of the company based in Aarhus, Denmark. Currently,

Tamaco is a company recognized for commercializing

and producing the highest quality beef, pork and

poultry meat, as well as other high-value-added foods

that are increasingly gaining consumer preference.