Vesterbrogade 6D, sal 3, 1620 København, Dinamarca


Thorben Büll
Managing Director

Tlf.: +49 431 31 97 90
Mobil: +49 17 03 36 08 81

Svend Hoeg

Tlf.: +49 2206 919 560
Mobil: +49 151 12 70 80 57

Tim Bogalski

Tlf.: +49 431 31 97 90
Mobil: +49 17 15 66 79 45

Tamaco's food safety and quality standards are high, because when it comes to delivery, the company knows their customers deserve nothing less. Quality is not just a matter of taste. It is something that can be quantified, measured and controlled by frozen product experts.

Tamaco does this by following strict verification standards, where products are subjected to advanced analyzes that certify our alignment with the requirements of regulatory bodies. TAMACO KIEL offers fresh and frozen cuts of pork, beef and lamb, as well as poultry products and by-products from these same categories.

Distinctive quality, recognized by customers

Founded in 2000 and expanded in 2010, Tamaco Kiel is a reference in the highest standards of food safety today. Title earned based on experience, planning, cutting-edge technology and the most modern infrastructure.


High standard on quality and food safety